Analyze Your Jury

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Virtual Jury Analysis: We are executing, observing, and participating in online jury selection studies. We understand the novel dynamics and have experience using the tools for online jury selection, such as online questionnaires and web-conferencing. Drawing on our experience evaluating potential jurors in court districts large and small, our consultants will help you navigate the “Zoom” jury selection process from start to finish.  
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Today’s technology allows for insights into jury behavior, accumulated from Persuasion Strategies’ two decades working with litigators. Our legal decision-making data comes from thousands of jury-eligible Americans across the country. BigJury merges this experience with an ability to quickly obtain new research responses to your case. 

We employ our data to inform case evaluations with analysis of prior outcomes.

  • Attitudes about litigants and corporations
  • Impressions of relevant “hot-button” issues
  • Mock juror perceptions and predispositions

Online respondents provide feedback to your specific case scenario by reacting to text descriptions or short videos. This two-pronged approach gives you an advantage in understanding obstacles to persuasion and juror perceptions that may affect your case outcome.

The BigJury service includes:

  • Statistical modeling that translates data sets into actionable insights
  • Quality-controlled data collection from online research participants
  • Data analysis from more than 10,000 jury-eligible participants
  • Insights into specific industries and litigation types: