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Each of our litigation consultants holds a Ph.D. emphasizing legal communication. Together with our award-winning graphics professionals and dedicated staff we help you achieve the best case outcomes.
Nick Bouck
Nick Bouck Graphics and Trial Presentation Specialist
Nick Bouck Graphics and Trial Presentation Specialist

Since joining Persuasion Strategies in 2005, Nick Bouck has created demonstratives and animations for trials in nearly every practice group, including intellectual property, energy and products liability. He is recognized for both the precision and creativity in physical demonstratives that he creates, not only in advance of trial but also as the need arises during the trial itself. Over the span of only a few years, Nick has spent nearly 400 days in court providing trial presentation and graphic support.


Nick produced several demonstratives for a trademark infringement case in the sporting goods industry that were crucial to the ultimate resolution of the case. His work included a more traditional large poster board graphic to show in court, as well as a fully–constructed rack to contain and display the sporting equipment at issue. The demonstratives in the case and their significance to the client were included in a feature article in Law Week Colorado.


Bachelor of Arts in 3D Animation and Graphic Design – Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design 2003

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