Our experience in commercial litigation spans the U.S. industrial sector and covers multiparty contract disputes, fiduciary claims, RICO cases, Qui Tam relator charges, shareholder actions, and other forms of litigation involving large commercial entities. Many of the claims in this litigation have been in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Our experience with anti-corporate bias and our validated anti-corporate bias scale offer a strategic advantage to plaintiffs and defendants. Examples of the entities with which we have interacted in this litigation include utilities, local and state governments, transportation businesses, telecommunications clients, consumer products companies, the microelectronics firms, insurance companies, banks and securities firms, and numerous types of manufacturing companies.
In a recent contractual dispute between two major telecommunications companies, Persuasion Strategies provided discovery recommendations, a community attitude survey, graphic design, opening statement strategy, and jury selection at trial.

An Example of Our Experience in Commercial Litigation

We assisted a large retail chain in a wage and hour class action employment dispute. In doing so, we found that jurors’ staunch feelings of independence temper their unique loyalty to the companies they perceive as being good employers in the state. Our mock trial research informed our case strategy – balancing the story of why the employer did the right thing in calculating employees’ time and overtime with the story of why thousands of employees were incorrect in their claims against our retailer client.

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