We have significant experience in construction litigation, including construction agreement disputes and breach of contract claims concerning design and delay, condemnation proceedings, insurance disputes, and complex, multiparty construction litigation. We have consulted with contractors and subcontractors, builders, developers, suppliers and manufacturers. Within the past few years, we have conducted research and assisted with trial strategy on construction cases involving a total of over 500 construction jurors. We have also designed and hosted an event sponsored by InsideCounsel magazine comparing arbitration panel decision making with jury decision making in the same construction dispute. We analyzed similarities and differences in these two fact finder audiences, and authored an article on our key findings. In addition, we have focused recent issues of our annual National Juror Survey on juror attitudes regarding construction litigation. We concurrently surveyed over 350 arbitrators nationwide and compared their attitudes regarding issues in construction litigation to the attitudes of 500 jury-eligible respondents.

In one case for example, we provided our full range of services including: mock trial research, case strategy, witness preparation, demonstrative design, opening statement preparation, high-risk juror analysis and profile, and a supplemental juror questionnaire to a major construction company involved in a highly contentious construction dispute. With our personalized and comprehensive support, the client was able to better assess trial risk and achieve settlement.

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