Products Liability

Many of our largest and longest engagements have been products liability cases. We have worked for plaintiffs and defendants in national litigation, including consumer products and burn cases involving alleged defects in hot water heaters, agricultural chemicals, cigarette lighters, glue, wallpaper strippers, and electrical components. In addition, we have consulted on cases involving structural defects, automobile defects, various medical devices, snowplows, and guns. We have provided services including focus group and mock trial research, case themes and messaging, witness preparation, jury selection assistance, shadow juries, strategy recommendations, demonstratives and video support on more than 400 cases involving product liability claims throughout the United States.

An Example of Our Experience in Products Liability Litigation

We provided a full spectrum of services on an agricultural products liability bellwether and a follow-up trial associated with property damage in 2008 – 2009. The services included focus groups, venue comparisons, community attitude surveys, a mock trial, graphics recommendations, opening statement strategy and messaging, preparation of more than two dozen witnesses, a shadow jury, a recommended closing argument outline, and juror post-trial interviews. The case ended in a bellwether verdict in our clients' favor followed by a settlement of all remaining cases.

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