Professional Negligence

In the professional liability arena, we have experience in medical, legal, architectural, and accounting malpractice litigation. We have presented seminars and conducted witness preparation workshops for defendant doctors and health care professionals, as well as accountants. We also specialize in assisting these professionals in individual witness preparation for deposition or trial.

When a professional is sued during the course of trying to do good for their clients or patients, the devastating effects can hinder otherwise effective testimony on the part of the defendant. In a recent medical malpractice case, the physician was so upset by the accusations against her that she was unable to provide her best case testimony for deposition. After assisting her trial team in a few sessions, she regained her natural self-confidence and was highly effective in testifying truthfully in her deposition. She went on to secure a defense verdict at trial, based in part on her strong testimony on her own behalf.

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