Make Your Case Visually

Virtual Visual Persuasion: Our award-winning graphics team can create visuals that present an effective argument virtually or in-person. From videography to animations and reconstructions our team can help you make a compelling case.
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  • Graphics and Technical Illustration
    We will illustrate your argument and craft visual solutions to your communication challenges. In a single glance, an effective graphic can communicate complex concepts that might take an hour...
  • Forensic Animation
    We will create dynamic and interactive animations by collaborating closely with your expert witnesses.
  • Interactive Demonstratives
    We expertly prepare this unique and comprehensive look at the facts of your case. Our professionals use this complex tool to provide individual shots of every visual detail which you can then...
  • Litigation Videography
    Whether taping a deposition, documenting a site visit, shooting an aerial or underwater photo, recording a witness preparation or filming a closed-circuit mock trial, we use advanced equipment...
  • Professional Photography
    Using advanced photographic equipment, our professional photographers set the scene for your case.
  • Trial Presentation Installation and Operation
    We provide an electronic presentation of evidence and demonstrative exhibits that is seamless and transparent, allowing you to concentrate your presentation of the facts and examination of your...
  • Visual Theme Design
    We create visuals that fortify your verbal arguments and help you develop stronger themes by turning raw data into visual stories.
  • Accident Reconstruction
    We will work with your expert witnesses to create a demonstrative animation of the series of events involved in the accident at issue.
  • Web Capture and Preservation
    The dynamic nature of the internet often requires that online material be preserved quickly and accurately to be available for litigation.