Prepare for Arbitration

Virtual Arbitration Preparation: Our consultants can prepare your team to present arguments during arbitration, making use of common virtual tools being used in arbitrations today. We have decades of experience in presenting facts and evidence for a panel or individual arbitrator.
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  • Mock Arbitration
    Mock arbitration research involves presenting summary arguments parallel with the arbitration structure to a panel of mock arbitrators chosen to reflect your actual arbitrator or arbitration...
  • Witness Preparation for Arbitration
    We will acquaint the witness with effective messaging in the unique setting of the arbitration, including providing suggestions to counsel for areas of questioning that illuminate the story...
  • Arbitration Message Preparation
    In order to leverage the most important strengths and weaknesses of your case, we assess your case, review your presentation strategy, themes, and outlines, recommend revisions, and listen to...
  • Visuals for Arbitration
    We create persuasive graphics that allow the arbiters to see what you mean and illustrate your oral arguments.