Prepare for Your Judge

Virtual Strategy Consulting: Our team has consulted on matters in state and federal court districts across the United States. We can help you using the same tools you may use during a virtual process. This experience can provide vital insights to your litigation team.
Contact us for help in preparing your case for a judge hearing cases remotely.

  • Mock Oral Argument
    For critical oral arguments, we conduct mock research with mock judges or board members who approximate the experience level of your actual decision maker(s).
  • Mock Bench Trial
    Mock bench trial research involves retired judges and/or attorneys with substantial relevant experience who hear summary arguments, give their assessment of the case and help strategize winning...
  • Mock Markman Hearing
    The mock Markman hearing enables you to test your oral argument with retired federal judges and/or senior attorneys with patent experience commensurate to that of your actual judge. We then...
  • Analysis of Judge
    We provide you with a profile of the judge's rulings in similar cases, along with information regarding his or her approach to voir dire, jury selection and the conduct of trial. This allows you...
  • Written Brief Review and Enhancement
    We review your draft and provide concrete written feedback about enhancing your language, logic, and ultimate persuasiveness.
  • Written Brief Assessment Using Mock Judges
    As part of a mock bench trial, or as a stand-alone exercise, we recruit one or more mock judges and elicit reactions to your written brief through a detailed written questionnaire as well as...
  • Visuals for Briefs and Hearings
    With advancements in Acrobat PDFs, we can create and insert virtually any type of media into a brief. We design compelling pretrial graphics that allow the judge to see what you mean in initial...