Select Your Jury

Virtual Jury Consulting: We are executing, observing, and participating in online jury selection studies. We understand the novel dynamics and have experience using the tools for online jury selection, such as online questionnaires and web-conferencing. Drawing on our experience evaluating potential jurors in court districts large and small, our consultants will help you navigate the “Zoom” jury selection process from start to finish.
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  • High-Risk Juror Profile
    We design a prioritized profile of jury attitudes, life experiences, and demographic characteristics that are likely to work against your client in order to inform your decisions on jury strikes...
  • Mock Voir Dire Practice
    Close to the time of trial, we arrange for counsel to practice recommended oral voir dire questions in a mock trial room with a group of participants who play the role of jurors.
  • Recommendations for Attorney-Conducted Voir Dire
    Tailored to the time frame allowed by your judge, we create oral voir dire questions designed with three goals in mind: 1) to establish rapport, 2) to glean as much information from jurors as...
  • Recommendations for Judge-Conducted Voir Dire
    We recommend the most critical questions to submit to the judge when the court invites counsel to propose questions for judge-conducted voir dire.
  • Supplemental Juror Questionnaire
    We design a tailored supplemental questionnaire based upon the court's desire to save time during voir dire, while still allowing for a richer base of knowledge, as well as greater juror candor...
  • In-Court Jury Selection Assistance
    We attend jury selection in court in order to help you collect, track and analyze the responses of potential jurors and to observe the venire members' demeanor and nonverbal communication in...
  • Social Media Analysis
    We study those virtual places in which your potential jurors may have a public presence or an active voice, including all publicly available social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...
  • Change of Venue Survey
    Our Change of Venue Survey provides the information necessary to inform a motion to transfer the trial to an alternate venue.
  • Community Attitude Survey
    Drawing from our database of questions that we have used in national surveys, and tailoring additional questions based on the needs of your case, we will design a survey that identifies which...