Settle Your Case

Remote Settlement Consultation: Companies looking to stay out of a courtroom may be lookingwish to settle their case. Let our team help you prepare for mediation or settlement and avoid the jury process altogether.
Contact us for a consultation on settling your case or preparing for mediation.

  • Early Case Assessment
    We provide a systematic assessment of your case when it needs it most -- after filing or early in the discovery process.
  • Settlement Statement Recommendations
    We help you fine-tune your settlement statement by identifying and highlighting case strengths, strategically framing case weaknesses, and crafting a central message.
  • Online Jury Research
    When your needs call for a quicker turnaround, a larger sample of participants, or a specialized focus (like a single witness or issue), we conduct an online jury research project in order to...
  • Mediation Consultation
    We will assess your case, review your presentation outline, recommend revisions and listen to your presentation practice with an ear and an eye toward how they will be received in this unique...
  • Case Valuation and Settlement Recommendations
    We provide case valuation and settlement recommendations including both analysis of case strengths and weaknesses, as well as research on relevant case settlements and verdicts to help to...
  • Settlement Video
    As litigation consultants and legal videography professionals, we collaborate to create an impactful video which tells the story of your case visually, allowing you to communicate your...
  • Case Settlement and Case Valuation Mock Trials
    By adapting the general tool of the mock trial to the specific questions that are preventing settlement, we are able to provide an expanded picture that can increase your client's knowledge and...
  • Research-aided ADR
    We collaborate with the mediator who is working with both sides to resolve the case. To facilitate that, we design a research project -- a focus group, a mock jury, bench trial, or mock...
  • Visual Theme Design
    We create visuals that fortify your verbal arguments and help you develop stronger themes by turning raw data into visual stories.
  • Pretrial Graphics and Video
    We design compelling pretrial graphics that allow the judge and adversaries to see what you mean in initial briefs, as well as at pretrial hearings.