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Each of our litigation consultants holds a Ph.D. emphasizing legal communication. Together with our award-winning graphics professionals and dedicated staff we help you achieve the best case outcomes.
David Carter
David Carter Graphic Designer and Animator
David Carter Graphic Designer and Animator

David Carter has spent more than 18 years in various positions involving multimedia, graphic design and photography. During his five years with Persuasion Strategies he has specialized in 3D animation, CAD and mapping programs to create exhibits and demonstratives for use in court. David’s interactive timelines have been instrumental in cases ranging from energy and construction to intellectual property, enabling the attorney to communicate quickly, clearly and effectively to fact finders at all levels in the case.


David worked on a complex oil and gas case involving hundreds of complicated financial transactions and multiple natural gas pipelines and destinations. His interactive demonstrative enabled the client to explain the facts to the jury in a clear and understandable way, ultimately resulting in a favorable decision for the client.


Bachelor of Arts with Honors, Interactive Multimedia – Platt College 1995
Associate of Arts, Graphic Design - Platt College 1991

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