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Each of our litigation consultants holds a Ph.D. emphasizing legal communication. Together with our award-winning graphics professionals and dedicated staff we help you achieve the best case outcomes.
Prudy Crews
Prudy Crews Litigation Consulting Coordinator
Prudy Crews Litigation Consulting Coordinator

Prudy Crews was a founding member of the Persuasion Strategies team, having served in the position of Litigation Consulting Coordinator for more than ten years. She coordinates all aspects of mock trial and focus group research, often balancing several projects at a time. Prudy designs project budgets, organizes project preparation, from recruitment of jurors to securing appropriate facilities, and supervises statistical analysis at the completion of the research. When a research project is underway, Prudy ensures that every detail is attended to for the clients, the jurors and the consulting team.

American Society of Trial Consultants 

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