Case Strategy

  • Case Strategy Development
    In our case strategy development, we include an analysis of case strengths and weaknesses, recommended case theme and structure, effective use of language and analogy, and depending on your case...
  • Discovery Strategy Recommendations
    From the perspective of the ultimate fact finder, we will make recommendations on key questions to address areas of fact and expert testimony to be developed during the discovery process...
  • Theme Development
    We draw upon our experience and focused training in language and cognitive psychology to identify the most effective theme for your case.
  • Opening Statement Recommendations
    With the jury or judge in mind, we will consult with your trial team on preparing an effective opening statement, focusing on theme development, narrative sequence, incorporation of graphics...
  • Closing Argument Recommendations
    After either sitting through trial or reviewing the trial transcript, we will help to build a closing argument theme, structure, and content that will draw from the moments in trial that jurors...
  • Early Case Assessment
    We provide a systematic assessment of your case when it needs it most -- after filing or early in the discovery process.
  • Case Valuation and Settlement Recommendations
    We provide case valuation and settlement recommendations including both analysis of case strengths and weaknesses, as well as research on relevant case settlements and verdicts to help to...
  • Visual Theme Design
    We create visuals that fortify your verbal arguments and help you develop stronger themes by turning raw data into visual stories.
  • Written Brief Review and Enhancement
    We review your draft and provide concrete written feedback about enhancing your language, logic, and ultimate persuasiveness.
  • Analysis of Judge
    We provide you with a profile of the judge's rulings in similar cases, along with information regarding his or her approach to voir dire, jury selection and the conduct of trial. This allows you...
  • PowerPoint Designs for Openings and Closings
    Since opening statements and closing arguments are your only opportunities to speak directly to the decision makers in your case, we make sure that your PowerPoint engages your audience...
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